Los Angeles is saturated. Regular city blocks. Orthogonal green area. Icon status buildings. The housing development is the result of the market economy, and its topography. The sea is a line. The distance from the sea doesn’t really matter. There is only homogenous space between any point of the blocks and the sea.

0. Prelude

When movement and sound were connected in one space, the greek theater. Geometry, Nature, Movement, Sounds. The Cavea. the inverse topography of negative space.

1.Introduction: Rhizome

The first principle – any point of the rhizome can be connected with any other. The second principle – the rhizome connects different semiotic systems. Is a media construction, includes significant elements of different nature, each of which possesses its own identity and its characteristic. The third principle -the rhizome is an open system, freely and infinitely walkable, with multiple paths. Always new interpretations, therefore, can be processed, proposals and become, in turn, the rhizome data. Anyone who travels the rhizome, is itself the rhizome.

2. Cartography

The Cartography of a possible path, seemingly all drawn, as a sheet where all the streets and squares of a city are printed or drawn. The map of the possible and potential opportunities you missed and repressed. The envelope of multiple spaces and sounds.

project developed for San Francisco House of Music competition

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