Scaffold 26346: Beyond 0 and 1

The precondition of binary logic, 0 or 1, positive or negative, yes or no, male or female. These polarizations do not corellate any longer with today’s society. Seemingly fuzzy logic took over, leading to more blurred thinking, uncertainity, imperfections and hybrid space-mind-body interactions. As such logic progresses, we are pushed and pulled towards more transient lives; which necessitates the architecture of flexibility.
Historical and morphological conditions on the site suggest an intervention that would be economical and flexible. The project is a non-architectural object. The project is the architectural process. The gate (scaffold, consisting of 26346 modules) becomes a catalyst for an interaction between the place and the people who live in the city or are there for a visit.

Project developed on The Gates Of Volterra: International Design Workshop 2016

Organizers: Volterra-Detroit Foundation | University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture
Collaboration: Illinois School of Architecture | Zero-Order Architecture
Tutors: prof. David Chasco, UI | prof. Wladeck Fuchs, UDM | prof. Jan Slyk, PW | Giorgio Castellano
Guest tutor: David Miller (Miller Hull Partnership, Seattle, WA)
Project tutor: Giorgio Castellano
Students: Jacob Klee UDM |  Adrianna Ojrzanowska PW | Bill Smarzewski UI | Marta Sojka PW

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