tattooed fragile skin

tattooed fragile skin

5 mm of thickness. 5 meters of span. 5 days of workshop. Temporary structure design extends the concept of bending plydome to a non-generic shape. Panels of the same size are subjected to digital analysis and lasercut to weaken the pavilion’s rigidity at certain areas. The resulting tattoo decorates the pavilion while altering its material properties.

The beauty of temporary and vulnerable. Light skin makes you feel everything coming your way. Pleasant or not, the feeling is always a catalyst for the real beliefs and actions. Weakness is the strength.

The building process went from digital to 1:10 models and finally the 1:1 realization, while using Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Karamba and Kangaroo software.

Project developed on Digital Autumn: International Design Workshop 2016

Organizers: Zero-Order Architecture | Basics Architecture
Collaboration: FABlab Toscana
Tutors:  Jan Paclt | Giorgio Castellano | Rodrigo Rubio | Alessandro Mattoccia
Collaborators: Francesca Chiappa | Giulia Grassi
Participants: Anna Continanza | Chara Picchi | Cristina Braccini | Elisa Betti | Francesco Pasi | Giovanni Inghirami | Filippo Iardella | Marco Mori | Paolo Carboni

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